Notre nome de famille Basque a deja existé dans le dixieme siècle.  Bol-ibar et un nome a deux part qui ça veut dire Prairie-Meule en Euskara.  In its unique Basque characteristic it refers to the family’s etxea, the historically all important family home.  Our family name dates back to the middle ages and centers at the heart of our modern professional identity. This identity has evolved from a technology of bread production for the masses through the innovation of the millstone to our modern day innovations in information technology and communication.  Our coat of arms during the middle ages bore the millstone as its sole emblem and in this tradition we present our crystalline disk logo in representation of the silicon chip and its influence in modern technology.

Our desire to improve as a people and travel to the new land of opportunity in the centuries following the Spanish Conquest propels us into Central, South and North America.  Here we reshape our family name and form a new race of European and Native American descent that resonates with independence and liberty.  And in this light we reflect a continental and global cornerstone of our catholic identity.

Today we are the uniting force in an American continent that is ready to outstretch political boundaries from the southern coast of Argentina and Chile to the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska.   We are prepared to be your not for profit organization building bridges over socioeconomic, cultural and language barriers through modern innovation, communication and technology.

American diversity at work.

MISSION is an international, non-profit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications with a focus on computer technology and the internet:

  • to disseminate information from and about the Kingdom of God, His Creation and His Children, and the religious or not-for-profit organizations that care for all of us around the world;
  • to provide resources, mentoring, and services to facilitate a free and public use of this technology;
  • to foster communication between religious and secular peoples and;
  • to conduct research involving religious and secular people and their use of technology and the internet in hope of unity.